Diamond Rings Jewellery Quarter
Metal Guide

In the our shop we sale the diamond jewelry, the Diamond jewelery is offer a wide variety of metals and metal purity Which is used in diamond jewelry. The metal which is used to make jewelery is need allows to make its strong and durable Then we make our metals to the highest of standards. Listed below are some jewellery of the basic metal.


Gold is the Valuable metal to be used for making jewellery. It is used for making jewellery like rings, pendants, bracelets and other many items. Gold jewelery is never be out of fashion it is always is in a fashion, It is the best quality of gold. And gold is as wearer-friendly as it is beautiful. Gold is suitable for everyday wear. In our shop the gold jewelery is made in 18ct, 19ct etc. the gold jewelery is not makein 24ct because the pure gold is very softwhich is not usable for jewlery. So v need to mix the other metal for make usable.


Platinum metal is used for making the jewellery such as diamond platinum band, platinum band. The Platinum jewelry is a heavy weight and durability. The platinum is never loss its weight, color. The Platinum jewelry is 100% pure.

White Gold

The White Gold is a family of gold. The white gold is a mixture of platinum, gold and other accential  metal which is provide the white color of gold. The white gold is used generally other metal. The white gold is used in making bracelet, ring, earring, bangles, pendant etc. White gold was created as an alternative to Platinum. The white gold became more popular in the 1940's when platinum was not available. And the pure gold is always yellow by nature, it is mixed with allows to "bleach" it white.


The palladium is a family of platinum. It is used for the making jewelery. Palladium is lighter than platinum. It's having the same density as silver. Palladium make consist of gold, silver and platinum as the fourth recognized precious metal. Palladium is more light-weight than platinum but having the same qualities like durability and color. Palladium has a glorious white color.


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